Lesotho Job Opportunities – Chief Financial Officer (Maseru)

Main Purpose of the Role

The Chief Financial Officer will exercise oversight and control over the Finance functions of the Company.

Key Deliverables of the Chief Financial Officer – Lesana

  1. Prepare and submit for the Board of Directors approval, broad guidelines for the business’ tolerance for risk, and expectations from investment.
  2. Introduce such measures as in your opinion may serve to enhance the credibility and objectivity of financial statements and reports prepared with reference to the affairs of the business. In this regard, the following aspects shall also be to contemplate;
    1. Limits on loan to capital ratio.
    2. Limits on loan exposure to individual customers.
    3. Limits on maximum and minimum maturities for newly acquired liabilities.
    4. Limits on maximum and minimum maturities for existing liabilities.
    5. Limits on the sensitivity of the net interest margin to changes in market interest rates.
    6. Maximum percentage imbalance between rate sensitive assets and liabilities.
    7. Limits on the minimum spread acceptable between costs and yields of liabilities and assets.
    8. Limits on the minimum liquidity provision to be maintained to sustain operations while longer term adjustments are made.
  3. ALCO – Prepare and submit for Management’s consideration:
    1. Weekly Cashflow report, Monthly ALCO report, addressing maturities on funding relative to cash flow requirements and identifying mismatches, and monitoring and managing minimum liquidity provision to be maintained to sustain operations while longer-term adjustments are made.
    2. Recommend, facilitate and guide local fund-raising initiatives.
  4. In conjunction with Group Finance, prepare a monthly financial report on the business, assessing all aspects of the Company performance including disbursements, collections, provisions, yield, book expenses and operating expenses against budget as well as prior year and prior month amounts.
  5. Regularly assess pricing relative to market and risk, and develop appropriate pricing models to facilitate proper analysis and oversite.
  6. Manage all aspects of tax compliance, liaise with the Lesotho Revenue Authority and the Central Bank of Lesotho, consult with external advisors and Select Group Executives as the case may be, and provide management and oversite to all aspects of income tax, withholding tax, VAT, exchange control, offshore payments etc.
  7. Implement and maintain procedures and policies pertaining to Finance and Administration.
  8. Maintain oversight of all financial transactions undertaken by the company within the policies and guidelines provided by the Group.
  9. Compile all required reports, both Regulatory and Fiduciary, set deadlines and ensure timely submission of same to the Group Chief Financial Officer.
  10. Review and conclude month-end financial reporting.
  11. Reconcile the company’s general operating bank accounts.
  12. Maintain the creditor’s ledgers, perform creditor’s reconciliation from the suppliers’ statement to the creditor’s ledger for all suppliers and prepare payment.
  13. Management of the company’s cash flow requirements.
  14. Management of petty cash.
  15. Ensure adherence to legislated capital adequacy requirements.
  16. Assist the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) with budget and forecast preparation, monitoring and variance reporting.
  17. Assist the CEO collating and providing commentary on the monthly reports for the Executive Committee (“EXCO”) and Technical Advisory Committee (“TAC”).
  18. Ensure the assets of the business are sufficiently safeguarded and adhere to the systems of internal control in line with the Group’s policies and procedures.
  19. Provide reconciliation of all fixed assets.
  20. Ensure correctness/ accuracy of financial data.
  21. Engage with auditors and facilitate year-end audits.
  22. Work with the CEO to ensure strategic aims are met.
  23. Take ownership of all aspects of audit, including working with both internal and external auditors.

Reporting Structure

The Chief Financial Officer will report to the Chief Executive Officer, Lesana Financial Services.

The Candidate

We seek the following in our desired candidate:

Qualification Requirement

A Bachelor of Commerce, MBA, CA or any other financial tertiary qualification is essential.

Experience / Background Preference

  1. The company will only look at candidates who have no less than THREE years’ relevant, experience.
  2. Previous experience within the financial services industry is essential.
  3. A strong command of English, both written and verbal, is a requirement of the role.

Key Competencies

The successful candidate will need to demonstrate the following:

  1. Accuracy and strict attention to detail.
  2. Strong planning and organisational skills.
  3. A sense of urgency.
  4. Self-assurance and a confident manner.
  5. Strong analytical skills, with the ability to assess complex situations and use creativity to solve problems.
  6. Sound technical ability.
  7. Strong tax and balance sheet skills.
  8. Established negotiation skills.
  9. Strong presentation skills.
  10. Ability to prioritise and handle multiple tasks within strict time frames within a fast-paced environment.
  11. A willingness to “get their hands dirty” as the role entails a lot of detailed work.
  12. A self-starter, who is proactive, shows initiative and assumes responsibility for projects.
  13. Proven ability to operate independently and exercise significant latitude for independent judgement, discretion and action.
  14. A strong work ethic.
  15. High energy levels.
  16. Ability to take ownership and maintain accountability.
  17. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written.
  18. The ability to build strong relationships with team members, company management and clients.


The position is based at our Lesotho office located at 4th Floor, Block C, LNDC Building, Kingsway, Maseru.

By nature of this position, traveling will be required and valid driver’s license is a requirement for this position. In this particular role, travel will be required to branches and satellite branches within Lesotho as well as travel to other countries from time to time.


An annual cost to company remuneration package, which will be commensurate with the technical skills and experience of the successful candidate.

Please forward applications to Tracey Strong:

If you do not hear from us within two weeks, please consider your application for this particular vacancy unsuccessful. In this instance, please be assured that we shall retain your application and will be in touch should a suitable opportunity arise in the future.